Tuesday, 5 July 2011


For years a few of my good friends have told me that I should write a book of the various adventures and situations in which I find myself. Apparently, people far more tech savvy than me say that the blog is the new book. A depressing thought I think, but nevertheless here I am. 

A bit about me for starters. I am a knit-a-holic, disability activist living in the city of Toronto. I live with my partner and a yarn-loving cat named Lola. By day I teach at a local university and in my free time I volunteer at an art gallery in a program that promotes accessibility for people with disabilities. I love owls, the smell of oranges, any variation of the colour purple, modern and contemporary art, cold water, rainy afternoons, knitting patterns and soft alpaca fibre. 

I present this blog as a ejection of my thoughts about art, knitting, disability activism and more into the world of cyberspace and look forward to whatever may come.

Rear View, msi, 2006