Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mid-week Comfort Food

Well it's Wednesday. This has felt like a painfully long week at work so we had a mid-week comfort food feast tonight. My mom and step-dad were visiting so my Mom made supper for my guy, two of my best friends E&L and myself. That is comforting in itself, but to make it even more soothing the menu was Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese. How can you get better than that?

Not just any grilled cheese and tomato soup mind you. Grilled cheese with old cheddar, prosciutto and red onion from my folks' garden. Yummy!

Crispy on the outside and melty and cheesy on the inside. Mmmm.

The soup is Cream of Roasted Tomato from my absolute favourite cookbook 300 Sensational Soups. If you love soup this is a must have book. The book is affordable, the recipes are easy and most of all they are delicious! They are also very easy to make and usually make enough to feed 4-6 so you have enough for your family, or leftovers. All of the soups I have tried have also frozen really well. For this version my mom roasted cherry and heirloom tomatoes from her garden. Mix that with the classic combo of onion, garlic and herbs and yum!! We also substitute milk for the whipping cream to reduce the fat content.

Fresh Roasted Tomato Soup

After everyone left tonight, my guy settled in to watch the season finale of his favourite show (Deadliest Warrior - Vampires vs. Zombies... seriously?) and I decided to bake these incredible Banana Chocolate Chip Nutella muffins that I found on the blog Daily Unadventures in Cooking (click the link for the recipe). As I write this they are cooling on the rack and I can't wait to take a bite!

My trusty KitchenAid mixer. One of the best gifts ever!

Garfield guards the cooling muffins. 
The nutella gives these a lovely brown colour.

Who can wait until breakfast? 

Another hour of sock knitting and I'm off to bed. Two days until K's birthday and I am on the foot of the second sock. Almost there!


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