Sunday, 30 October 2011

Quick Knitting and Halloween Update

It's been a long time since my last post. Has been a busy fall so far around here and last week I caught the horrible cold that is going around. Spent lots of time curled up with Lola in bed knitting and reading. I finally got some of the Yarn Harlot's books from the library and she has had me in hysterics all week. She also writes a wonderful blog which is great for knitter's and non-knitter's alike (link above). After reading her chapters about her yarn stash I was inspired to do a organization of my stash which at least felt like a productive thing to do while I was at home with this nasty cold. I'm also happy to report that my stash has not yet grown so large that I am hiding knitting projects down the sleeves of my jackets. Matt says it is only a matter of time. I also finished a few pieces of knitting that have been on the needles for a while.

Lola loved this bulky cowl I was making out of baby alpaca. This is supposed to be a Christmas present but I have been wearing it all week. I'm just test driving it... yeah that's it... test driving. 

Another cowl I have made with a simple eyelet pattern and gorgeous Waterloo Wools. 

The Kaie Beanie, a diagonal slip stitch hat out of bright orange. This photo doesn't do it justice, this colourway from Waterloo Wools is gorgeous.  

A Forest Queen Hat out of super soft Malabrigo. See the tiny trees and bobbles?

My 5-hour baby sweater, that took a bit longer than 5 hours. Don't know who this sweet cardi is destined for yet but it is made of yummy Dream in Colour Classy in a fantastic colourway called "Flamingo Pie". 

Over the past few weeks I also had the opportunities to take 2 knitting classes, one to learn toe-up socks and another to make gloves. Toe-up socks were a breeze and I love not having to graft or pick up stitches. Gloves on the other hand were a bit trickier; knitting all of those finger's can be a bit fiddly.

So far I have made one toe-up sock and this toe-up slipper which I love. I don't have a case of second sock/slipper syndrome at all...
Lastly, the guy and I went to friend's Stag and Doe last night. It was a Halloween party, and we came up with an awesome costume. We lucked out and won some great prizes including a Keurig coffee machine!

My guy and me as a swiffer duster and a piece of dirt. 

Starting a list of Christmas knitting, so will try to update soon on more WIPs and FOs. Also, a new ornament tutorial next weekend which is super cute!


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  1. Some great knitting, as usual....but a swiffer and dirt....brilliant. The B+B in Cape Breton had a Keurig coffee machine. it was great...not cheap, but great. HAPPY HALLOWE'EN.