Friday, 23 December 2011

The Long and Winding Road

We are finally home from Maine. I say finally because the trip today involved 11 hours in the car as we drove through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Quebec and Ontario on our journey home. We woke up this morning to a Maine Winter Wonderland and drove through snow, rain and sleet, but we made it. I even managed to finish Kevin's Christmas socks and start a baby hat. Glad to be sleeping in our own bed tonight and excited for the Christmas festivities to start tomorrow.

With 11 hours in the car I tried to make a few excuses to stop for photo-ops hence the following black and white series: the long and winding road.

The view from the house in the morning snow: a true winter wonderland. 

Ski slopes covered in the good stuff.

White Mountains National Park

Now these are some icicles 

A waterfall. not completely frozen. Did you know a waterfall could also be called a flume? I learned something new today. 


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