Friday, 16 December 2011

Vacation Starts!

Tonight marks the beginning of two weeks of vacation. I'm so thankful to have this break - the winter holidays are one of my favourite times of year - spending time with family, knitting to take the chill off, Christmas music and twinkly lights. It has been an immensely complicated year with amazing moments and  profoundly sad ones. Life marches on, but I am glad at this time of year to take a rare second to pause and reflect.

That said I'm not going to sit here for hours thinking of something interesting to say, but will leave you with a short story and these photos of our Christmas tree. It is not "real" as I had planned, and it is much smaller than I wanted, but I love it all the same.

The first knitted monster I ever made was a Rebecca Danger's Dot the Dress-up monster. Once he was finished I had him proudly displayed on the sofa where Lola and him would cuddle up for naps. Then my mom came for a visit. Within 30 seconds she had scooped the monster off the sofa and didn’t put him down all day. I relented and told her she could have him. Completely enamoured and excited by her new knitted prize mom went off to show my grandmother. When she came back upstairs empty handed it wasn’t hard to imagine what had happened. My Nan had also fallen in love with this little monster, had immediately named him Sheldon Sinclair, the Avocado Monster and found a place for him in her home. Mom didn’t have the heart to take him away. So she came back to tell me that I not only needed to knit myself another monster, but she wanted one too. So for Christmas I made her this Dot, With Stripes! who is waiting patiently under the tree for her new mommy to come and take him home.

Chilling with the Nutcracker my grandfather made me when I was a little girl,

This picture is several years old, from Lola's first Christmas, when mom bought her the dorkiest elf costume. She was forever immortalized in this photo as the Grinch! It makes me laugh every year

Back to holiday knitting!


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