Monday, 6 February 2012

Love is on the Heel

It's time to introduce you to the February Sock I have chosen for the self-imposed sock challenge this year! 

February Self-Imposed Sock and Book(?) Challenge 

The Socks:  In honour of Valentines Day I am making LoveSocks by Devon Clement, free pattern on Ravelry. These socks have a simple stripe pattern with a combination fair isle and intarsia heart on the heel!
Photo from Ravelry page, see link above.

The Yarn (the stringy variety, not the story): I will be using leftovers of two great yarns. Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label in Sand and Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 in Ruby Red. 

I love Tanis's yarns and the purple label is extra special with cashmere. Seen here in the Sand colourway. I had a bunch leftover from a pair of fingerless mitts I made for a friend for Christmas. It is amazing how far a skein of this will go!
This is leftover from a secret Valentines Project that I will reveal next week,  Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 in Ruby Red. Available for purchase from the amazing online yarn shop The Loopy Ewe
The Books: Despite my success with my January socks, the reading didn't go so well. I'm still trying to find time to read Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - good book, but so little free time in which I am not knitting! On top of this I assigned a book review for the class I am teaching about aging and disability so I have this lovely stack of novels to get through in the next few months. I also need to find my copy of Tuesday's With Morrie as several students have chosen this book. So the reading for pure pleasure part of the challenge is on hiatus, but I'm sure to enjoy some or all of the books in this looming stack. 

My Progress: As you can see in the previous photo I have already managed to make one sock. This is a really easy pattern (very much appreciated after last month's cables), so I have been able to zip through it quickly. I love the yarn combination and heart on the heel is so sweet. My colourwork skills are nothing to write home about, but I want to get more practice so this was a neat way to combine fair isle and intarsia on the heel flap. 

Close-up of the inside of the heel showing intarsia technique at the top of the heart and the switch to intarsia for the body of the heart. 
All that I have left to decide is if I want to do my second sock in the alternate colour pattern (like in the pattern above) or if I want them to match. I kind of like the idea of matching them. What do you think?


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