Monday, 27 February 2012

Weekly Photography Recap

Hello blogosphere friends,

This Monday I wanted to share with you a new project I am embarking on. Since I want to start getting back into photography, plus I am loving all these fun photo apps for the itouch I have decided to take part in a photo365 challenge. I will be following along with the prompts suggested by FatMomSlim to take one inspired photo each day. Below are the results from my first week's efforts. Enjoy! 

Sunday, February 19 - Something I Hate To Do
Lola got into something, and really needed a bath. This was only her second bath ever and she did not enjoy the experience.

Monday, February 20 - Handwriting

For Family Day, the guy and I went for a nice walk along Queen W. I snapped this shot of graffiti in one of the alleyways.

Tuesday February 21 - A Favourite Photo of Myself

This photo is from Chicago, but I edited it with ColourSplash.

Wednesday, February 22 - Where I Work

My MacBook.

Thursday, February 23 - My Shoes

My shoes and showing off my brand new February Socks, just off the needles!

Friday, February 24 - Inside my Bathroom Cabinet

My sparkly jewelry boxes collected from one of my favourite stores that used to be on Front St. Sadly, now closed.

Saturday, February 25 - Green

Beads from our Queen W. trip waiting to be turned into something for spring.


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