Friday, 6 January 2012

First FO Friday

In keeping with my attempts to post daily, I introduce Finished Object Friday where I will show you a recently completed project (or two).

Meet Murray Jr! I came across this pattern as a result of our visit to Good Karma Farm in Belfast, Maine over the holidays. This little monster designed by Joshua Carlson, or bearded knitter, was designed to use up the tail end of a skein of Good Karma Farm's 60/40.

Before the addition of limbs and his eye, this monster looked just like a pickle!
But with embellishment, he is the cutest pickle monster I have ever seen!

Mini Gabby and Pickles are fast friends

Lola isn't sure what to make of this pickle with dangly legs hanging out on her back...

"Mush, great grey beast, mush!!"

"On second thoughts, maybe I'll just sit here." 

This was the first skein of the Good Alpaca Farm 60/40 that I have used and I loved it! It is a bit rustic (in a lovely way), and softens up beautifully after a gentle soak in Eucalan. The best part is that the colours are gorgeous.

I used some more of this skein of 60/40 to make a small hat for a friend's new(ish) baby. Murray Jr. will be a gift for her 8-year old sister. I hope she loves little alien pickles as much as I do!


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  1. Love this post! I'm sure the gifts will be very well received. Thanks much for linking me, too!