Wednesday, 11 January 2012

WIP Wednesday - Startitis Strikes Again

Before I get into the knitting update I took some pictures this morning of this incredible gift I got this Holiday. The base has tiny spikes in the bottom that hold the flowers upright. I finally picked up some flowers yesterday and am loving the way they look.

A new year and another case of startitis has plagued me. I have the sudden urge to knit. all. the. things. This has resulted in me casting on much more than I can realistically handle at the moment and has slowed my progress down on all of them. In addition to my new hexipuff habit I have on the needles:

My Kara Cardigan, with 5 repeats done. Still no sleeves.
My mini Angus monster which has seen no action since last week;
My Vampire Boyfriend Socks (more about them tomorrow);
6 projects carried over from last year, including my citron shawl, a pair of garrish orange and black socks, thrummed mittens, a crocheted Noro shawl, a pair of gloves and a pair of slippers;

and this new addition, Bella's Mittens.

I had been resisting this pattern for a while, since it was a Twilight thing - I prefer my vampires to be either Byronic of Buffy-ed - but then I saw them knit up at Passionknit this weekend and I could resist no more. They are now my Wintersong Mittens and I am knitting them up in a wonderful colour of Malabrigo twist called Indiecita. I love the colours and the yarn and can't wait to wear these on the cold days ahead. Hopefully, by Friday I will have something finished other than another hexipuff!

Happy knitting, and knitting, and knitting....


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  1. Love the pictures, and glad you love the gift. In Japanese this type of flower arranging is called Ikabana...if I am not mistaken. Sure hope the mittens are ready for Friday as we are supposed to get a dump. Love to both.